Sunday, September 12, 2004

Ontario PC Leadership Race

Here is a great editorial in today's Toronto Star.  I couldn't have said it better myself.
On September 18, 2004, members of the Ontario Progressive Party will elect their next leader.  Three candidates, Jim Flaherty, Frank Klees, and John Tory are vying for the top job. 
You will never hear me saying anything bad about either Jim Flaherty or Frank Klees, but I have always been a supporter of John Tory.  I am socially progressive and fiscally conservative.  Not only do I believe that John Tory will be the next leader of the Ontario PC Party, but I also believe he will be good for the party and for the difficult times that we are facing.  He will be effective as Opposition Leader and a strong force in criticizing the McGuinty government and their backward policies.  Soon, he will win power and become Ontario's next Premier.  Right-wing ideologies are long gone and no longer strike a chord with voters.  It's time to STOP the in-fighting and "roll with the 21st century punches."


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